How to check whether a mobile phone that can be used in your country or not? Leave a comment

With the development and progress of science and technology, the distance between the people of different countries will not be such far away as before. Nowadays, you can easily purchase a product such as a coat or a jewelry bracelet on the Internet thousands of miles away.

However, the smartphone products are not same with other products, because the cellphone manufacturers always produce lots of different phone models, and some of them can only work in their own countries. Then how to check a mobile phone that is worked for your country or not?

Indeed, the method is super simple and here I’d like to give you a short guidance.

  • 1st, just visit this website Willmyphonework.Net
  • 2nd, select the “Mobile Brand” and “Country” that you’re lived in
  • 3rd, please choose the phone model and carriers

mobile phone check

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