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From: rob
Subject: Electro Site optimization question

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Hello, my name is Rob and I too purchased the same Electro theme as you for woocommerce. I have read many people say that the theme is not optimized, and the author always responds that it is. I have 2 very good developers that have performed optimizing on my site both for minification and photo optimizations and scaling.

The reason I am writing you is I am still struggling to get it to load fast. I started on Hostgator shared, went to siteground with a CDN and they didn’t deliver speed but were awesome in customer service. I then transferred back to hostgator Cloud. They promised better speed, but still didn’t deliver. I wrote Ibrahim, and he said you have to go with a VPS so I did that. I’m now with Flywheel VPS and the site loads fast to my experience but is extremely slow on Pingdom. Over 12 seconds. Like I said, when I open a Incognito tab and type the url, it loads super fast. But, strangely the product pages are loading very slow, like 5 seconds. Flywheel is working on it but there service is not so great.
I was wondering if you were willing to share your Hosting set up with me. Your site looks awesome, and to my experience in NY, everything is loading fast as it should.

Best regards,

Rob moss

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