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From: Chan
Subject: Why loads slow?

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My name is Chan and I am a web performance specialist.

I did a quick analysis on your website and found that your web page is slow loading, which is bad for business.

Your current web page size is 3.65 MB, which can be brought down to 3.25 MB using our cloud software

We follow the Google’s standard metrics and help you to gain 50% increase in your website’s performance and enjoy a hike in your business revenue.

Please refer this report for reference,

You can fix everything in a few mouse clicks and the whole process takes 5-10 mins to get you a speedy website.

You could use our cloud software for the whole website for any number of pages and increase your performance score still further.

As you very well know, how webpage load is very important for getting a better rank, better user experience, better conversion and a direct increase in your business revenue.

You can sign up in our website and contact us for further queries.

Web Performance Specialist,
Skype: live:askan.chandru

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