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From: Josephzooro
Subject: [BEST OFFER] 10,000,000 unique visitors a month from the US to your site

Message Body:

I offer advertising services for US traffic clickunder in industrial scales at a price of $ 1 for 1000 unique views of the live people of your site.

Our traffic is very high quality, which you will not find anywhere else for such a cost.

In a day we can provide you up to 6,364,980 unique visitors per day and ~ 180 million unique visitors per month from the US, 67% – web traffic and 33% mobile traffic.

We only have traffic from the US, we do not work with other countries.

We do not have tests and just do not give a look.

The minimum order is 10,000,000 unique visitors per month for $ 10,000.

We work only on prepayment and accept only bitcoin.

For the order, please contact us in telegram: @StevenRich_35799 (

A big request to all, do not write anything in the topic and in the PM, I’m on the forum rarely therefore write only in telegram.

In the topic please do not flood and leave feedback about our service.

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