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From: James
Subject: Want some free highly converting sales funnels?

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Heyyy this is James from Lightning Funnels. We help companies maximize their revenue by creating highly-converting landing pages and sales funnels.

I just wanted to share a list of pre-made funnels that have already been proven to convert. Thiese are essentially clones of famous funnels (Grant Cardone’s “Millionaire Playbook” ffunnel is in there) that can be customized for your business.

There are some other bonuses in there as well (ad copy templates for FB ads, detailed training on how to set up the funnels, etc) which are bundled in with the free download.

You can grab the list on our website at

If you need help customizing the funnels to your business, you can contact me at and I can show you how it’s done.

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