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From: Mark Tin
Subject: What do you use to send email?

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Hello. If you are serious about growing your online business you can not do it without email marketing. And yes over the years the effectivness of email marketing declined but, it is still the best way of driving traffic and sales since you have established some kind of relationship with your clients already. And yes the chances are that you already use some kind of paid service, that is either on monthly reccuring payments or you pay annualy, using the out dated pricing points when the email marketing was booming. Also I am not trying to sell you something or trying to convince you of some better ways. Just there is this APP that is dead simple to use, windows based and extreemly powerfull. It allows you to use as many as you like sending smtp servers and has no email sending limits, and the best thing about it is that with a simple step you can get it for free. Sign Up here on this page—> and gain instant access

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